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Event: Fun Cruise edit

June 02, 2018 at 12:30pm (2 hours)

Adults over 21 Must be 21+ with valid ID x $44.00 = $0.00
Full Boat Book the entire boat and receive a group discount x $39.60 = $0.00

About This Event

Friends. Drinks. Music. Ocean. Fun. Ages 18+

You and your friends will be raving about the unforgettable times you had on the Fun Cruise! We’ll spin up your choice of tunes and be on our way to a great time. We’ll cast off from Salty Sam’s Marina, hit up a local seaside bar to grab a few drinks, and head out toward Bowditch Park to take in the most breathtaking ocean views in the Gulf. Still thirsty? If we’ve got time on the way back, we’ll stop by another bar or restaurant to restock!

Please Note: A 6 person minimum required for each cruise - if you have a group smaller than 6 you may be combined with a different tour. Contact us with any questions.